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How to become a member of SAHERPA


Summary of Classes of Membership

Membership shall be open to all relevant organisations participating in or having an interest in the Home Equity Release industry, with different categories of membership being offered to different individuals or organisations, depending on the role of such individuals or organisations. Member Organisations shall be organisations or relevant individuals that become and remain members of SAHERPA.

Click here for an explanation of the different classes of membership.



Process of Applying

The Management Committee, upon receipt of a formal application or re-application from an organisation or individual for a particular category of membership, on the approved application form and with all the required organisational detail and any other required supporting documentation, shall give consideration to granting membership to such an organisation or individual, on a basis determined solely at the discretion of SAHERPA. In the event of an application being rejected, the Management Committee shall give reasons to the applicant for such rejection.

The liability of members shall be limited to One Rand (R1-00) each.

A member shall cease to be a member if it notifiies SAHERPA in writing of such resignation, or in the event of SAHERPA withdrawing or retracting such membership.




Application Form

If you are applying for Supplier Membership, Associate Membership, Special Membership, Observer Membership, Affiliated Membership or Fellowship Membership, please click  here to download the form, complete it and fax it back to us for your application for membership to be considered.

If you are applying for Adviser Membership because your organisation is involved in the provision of advice in respect of home equity release products, please click here.