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Dispute Resolution



Purpose and Process

The SAHERPA dispute resolution is not designed or intended to cover areas of dispute resolution for which there are recognised existing voluntary or statutory Ombuds. Any disputes that would be covered in the opinion of SAHERPA by the jurisdiction of existing Ombuds will be respected, and the matter referred to the relevant Ombuds accordingly.


So, provided that your Home Equity Release loan provider is not a bank, if you have been unable to resolve your complaint directly with your selected Home Equity Release loan provider, SAHERPA is able to play a role in assisting with your complaint or dispute.




What if my loan provider is a bank?

In the event that your Home Equity Release loan provider is a bank (such as Nedbank), you would not be able to make use of SAHERPA's dispute resolution mechanism by virtue of the fact that banks' resolution mechanisms are facilitated by way of the Banking Ombudsman.


So, if a dispute with a Home Equity Release loan provider that is a bank arises, you should please refer to the Banking Ombudsman who's, details are provided below:

Postal Address
PO Box 5728

(011) 838 0035

(011) 838 0043





In the event of a borrower wishing to lodge a dispute or complaint against a SAHERPA Member, in terms of which SAHERPA's dispute resolution mechanism might be able to assist in resolving the dispute or complaint, all the borrower needs to do is:


i) Familiarise himself / herself with SAHERPA's dispute resolution mechanism.


ii) Download the appended document by clicking here and signing it in agreement with the associated process. Thereafter, the borrower should also obtain the signature of a duly authorised representative of either the Supplier Member or Adviser Member (when such membership is facilitated) against whom they wish to raise a complaint or dispute, after which, the document should be e-mailed or faxed to SAHERPA in order for them to initiate the required process.


Prospective complainants should please note that, in the event of their failure to adhere to the abovementioned process in any way whatsoever, SAHERPA will not play a role in the resolution of any potential disputes.